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Haishu Logistics believes that employees are an important asset of the company. Our senior professionals, global support team, and talents from different disciplines are the pride of the company.

We are able to successfully develop effective and innovative logistics solutions for our clients, all based on a good corporate culture. All of this begins with respect for talent. From management to frontline employees, we all respect each other and work together to create a harmonious and ideal working environment.

The employees of Haishu Logistics are full of enthusiasm for enhancing their professional knowledge, bold thinking and innovation, and strive to achieve their goals. It is definitely worthy of respect and attention. Therefore, we are committed to helping our employees grow, develop their potential, develop their strengths and strike a balance between work and life. As Asia’s leading logistics service provider, Haishu Logistics continues to strive for excellence. The Haishu team is mainly a service group. Since its establishment 23 years ago, it has been insisting on the hard work and self-denial, whether you are a new person, a disabled person, a new immigrant or a borrower, we are sincerely welcome. You join.

A. Position: Fleet Management

Demand: 5 years of fleet management experience
Salary: Negotiable

B. Position: Follow the car

Demand: 1 year of handling experience
Salary: $12,000 guaranteed

C. Position: Driver (medium-sized car)

Demand: 2 years driving experience
Salary: $15,500

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