Frozen storage and transportation services

Introduction to Frozen Storage Service

We provide a one-stop service from low temperature and high temperature storage to logistics and transportation, which meets the needs of customers and fully meets the needs of the market. Our service tenet is “safe, reliable, convenient and superior”. Only by constantly innovating and changing, can we inject new elements into this traditional industry and further improve the service level so that every customer can enjoy satisfaction. service.

Frozen storage warehouse service

Kwun Tong Head Office (Haicang Multi-storey Mini-Warehouse): 2/F, 6th and 8th floor of Yuecheng Factory Building, No. 145 Weiye Street

Freezer service Minimum consumption 1CBM/1 month Temporary service charge
Constant temperature (+18°C to +22°C) HKD$600/1CBM HKD$600 HKD$5/1 piece
High temperature (+2°C to +4°C): HKD$600/1CBM HKD$600 HKD$5/1 piece
Low temperature (-18°C): HKD$550/1CBM HKD$550 HKD$5/1 piece

* All loans for temporary storage services must be taken away on the same day and are not responsible for any damage. *

Logistics distribution service:

  1. Delivery from the company to another location: HKD $900 per vehicle, the maximum cargo limit for each shipment is 10 sheets of cargo and 4000Kg of weight. If this limit is exceeded, the second vehicle will be used for transportation. Moving goods on board or board charges: HKD$ negotiable.
  2. Point-by-point delivery: HKD$150 per point, 5 pieces of goods (up to 25kg each), and each subsequent HKD$15.
  3. Charter service (10 tons): The first two hours charge is HKD $1,300, and the overtime charge is HKD $600/hour.
  4. Airport pick-up service: The first two hours charge is HKD$ 1,200 (calculated from the arrival of the airport), and the time limit is HKD$ 500 / hour. Each delivery location at the airport includes a shipping location, and each additional delivery location is subject to an additional HKD$800.

Refrigerated transport service

Safety. Punctuality. Reliable

In order to ensure that customers can enjoy high quality services, many refrigerated vehicles have already spread all over Hong Kong and Kowloon in the New Territories. Under the premise of meeting actual needs and improving efficiency, the company has a number of refrigerated trucks with tailgates, 14 tons, 9 tons and 5.5 tons respectively. The selection of high-quality chillers ensures that the goods and foods that customers deliver are kept at their best and delivered to their destination in perfect condition. In addition, all vehicles are regularly inspected and cleaned to ensure that the goods are delivered in the best possible condition to protect the interests of the customers.