Mini warehouse / logistics warehouse service

New mobile warehouse service, sized storage!
Free one-time delivery service $750/month
5% discount on booking discounts​

When you call our company, you can go out and close the warehouse, the process is convenient and fast.

Logistics and warehousing

Public warehousing service

The warehousing business provides flexible public warehousing services for our customers, including ordinary room temperature storage and constant temperature warehousing services. Customers only need to hand over the goods to us to enjoy the perfect access and storage services. We arrange the storage of the goods according to the type of goods and the requirements of the customers, ensuring that each item is stored in a suitable storage environment.

In addition to warehousing services, Haishu Logistics also provides value-added services such as cargo handling, cargo repackaging and cargo transportation. The public warehousing service is extremely flexible, and can provide service types, service times and charges according to different needs of customers, so that customers can reduce the cost of warehousing logistics while solving the troubles of goods storage.

Storage fee:

As low as: $80/month from cubic meters Shipping down to $85/CBM

* Prices are subject to change without notice. *
* The company’s logistics warehouses are equipped with dehumidification equipment, 24-hour CCTV system *

File storage service

Management system

Each box of the customer will receive a separate barcode label, and the method of file storage will be classified according to the label. In the future, when the customer needs to extract the documents, we will send the relevant documents to your company according to your instructions.


  • We provide full week pick-up service
  • Provide a secret check room
  • 24-hour telephone contact and computer CD rotation and destruction service
  • Please feel free to consult the price list

In addition to the existing file management service solutions, we will flexibly set the most appropriate file management service for you according to the different situations of each customer.

* All mini warehouses in the company have a high security system, 24-hour alarm device, high standard wet control room, fire extinguishing system and regular pest control arrangements *

Easy to save BOX service
More convenient to store and more convenient to store
Free home delivery, starting from HK$40 per month

HKD $40 per case / 1 month

60 (length) x 42 (width) x 33 (height) cm
Can put 40 books or 60 CDs or 60 shirts (for reference only)
Weight limit 20 kg

The first step: contact us, we will send a special person to send the storage materials to your designated address free of charge.
Step 2: After you are ready, contact us and we will pick up the storage box.
Step 3: If you want to retrieve the storage box, please Tel: 2189 9966 Whatsapp 6358 4999