China and Hong Kong moving / handling services

China-Hong Kong Porting/Relocation (Special Instructions from China Customs)

The company has more than 28 years of experience in handling. For many years, we have provided services such as port handling in Hong Kong and Macao, international handling, handling in China, office relocation and cold chain logistics. In order to understand the needs of our customers, we also provide one-stop handling services. In addition to basic handling services such as baggage handling, document handling, customs clearance and storage, we also provide free valuation, packaging materials, and even disposal of packaging materials. service. In response to the needs of our customers, we can pack and dismantle each item, so that we can feel at ease.

Our porters have been providing services to our customers with care and attention for many years. In order to protect the privacy of our customers, we try our best to ensure the safe and complete delivery of our customers’ goods during the packaging and delivery process.

Choose our strengths

One-stop service

We provide Hong Kong, Macao, Mainland China and international handling services, customers can trust the entire transfer to us.

Quality packaging service

Our professional and experienced staff provide quality packaging services for our customers’ items, ensuring that items are carefully protected and taken care of.

Multi-language support

Our team is versed in different languages, including Cantonese, Mandarin and English. Customers can be assured that there will be no communication problems throughout the handling process.

Import logistics program

From the domestic re-export of finished goods such as automobiles and raw materials, we have special personnel to handle domestic tax rebates, tax payments, remittances, import declarations, and Hong Kong origin certificate services. We have set up special customs clearance teams in Shenzhen, Huanggang, Lok Ma Chau and Man Kam To to provide quality services. From overseas imports to Hong Kong, air, shipping, express… We can handle all the procedures for you, including import declaration, air transportation and handling charges, agent pick-up documents, agent import certificate, warehouse pick-up and payment Registration fee service, etc. We have large and small trucks, tailgate trucks, 20′ container trucks, 40′ container trucks and 45′ high cabinets to meet the different needs of our customers. Export Logistics Procedures – We provide services including domestic manufacturers exporting directly from Guangdong, Yantian, Shanghai, etc. to the field and handling all relevant documents. Bulk cargo, parallel goods, container goods, tons of vehicles, container trucks, express mail and other transportation supporting services. From Hong Kong to foreign countries, we have special personnel responsible for handling export shipping or air transport documents, including warehousing of goods, export declaration, transfer of bills of lading, checking of documents, handling of letter of credit documents, and payment of overseas freight services.

China exhibits handling service

In recent years, we hold various types of large-scale exhibitions in various industries in each quarter. We provide one-stop handling services. We also provide heavy-duty machinery services for China and Hong Kong to provide exhibitors with personal services, including application, preparation, packaging, classification and customs declaration services. Wait.

Hong Kong’s main business includes

Provide valet delivery, warehouse, warehousing and export shipping, air freight agency services;
Transportation support services for bulk cargo, parallel cargo, container cargo, tonnage trucks, container trucks and express mail in China and Hong Kong;
Acting domestic customs clearance, domestic tax rebates, special personnel to handle the certificate of origin, and freight services across the country.

Handling process

Preparation before handling

Relocation will not be recurring. It will only happen once in a few years. It is recommended that two reputable handling companies should be selected for the door-to-door valuation before relocation, so that they can predict the exact expenses needed to move the house beforehand. Don’t look for companies that “moving houses, moving factories, moving office buildings” or even moving your wallets. Don’t be greedy and find companies that simply call the price, and reasonable charges are definitely more secure than the cheapest ones. The center will only employ local residents, and will never use black workers and other foreigners to ensure that after-sales service is absolutely high quality.

About one month before the relocation:

1. Discard unwanted old items.
2. Plan the layout of the new home.
3. Notify relatives, friends and related parties that the address has been changed:
Gas Company Enquiry Hotline : 2880-6988 or can be processed online
Chunghwa Electric Power Enquiry Hotline : 2678-2678 or can be processed online
Hongkong Electric Enquiry Hotline : 2887-3411 or can be processed online
Water Supplies Department enquiry hotline : 2824-5000 or can be processed online

* Be sure to pay attention to the weather reported by the Observatory on the day of the move. In the event of a torrential rainstorm, the No. 8 typhoon will be cancelled and the new moving day will be arranged separately. *