Local moving house / handling service

Haishu Service Network

Haishu Logistics Company provides customers with all-round logistics services based on years of logistics operation expertise and experience. The business projects cover sea and air cargo contracting, logistics operations, customs declaration, warehousing design and operation, distribution, value-added services, special cargo logistics, and information. Platform and customized supply chain solutions. The service network is mainly in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia and other regions. In addition, it also provides a number of agencies in the Americas, Europe and Australia to provide comprehensive services. In addition, the company has invested in the establishment of an advanced information platform to provide customers with instant information services and keep abreast of the situation.

China-Hong Kong Porting/Relocation (Special Instructions from China Customs)

Services include

Sea, land and air transport services

We provide packaging and storage, customs clearance services, consolidation of LCL containers, lockers, loading and unloading containers, as well as delivery services for the entire container and bulk cargo. Our regular import and export shipping and container service links to Asia, China, North America, Europe and Australia. When the time is urgent, our professional air transportation department will provide comprehensive import and export express delivery and on-site service.
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Private baggage expert service

For private baggage export, we offer free valuation and professional advice, unique packaging materials and expert packaging services, precise packing list, door-to-door pick-up and packing services, we have professional packing workers to ensure process safety, prepare export documents , issue a bill of lading, and good after-sales service.

​Packaging and nailing box service

Our professional packaging personnel meet the highest international standards, and all kinds of packaging materials we use meet all export standards to ensure safe transportation. All fragile items are carefully packed with special protective materials (eg foam paper, etc.), and we will also pack the required wooden boxes according to the customer’s situation. All packaging cartons are labeled with content labels and other important information.

Our porters have many years of experience, and we provide services to our customers with care and care. In order to protect the privacy of our customers, we try our best to ensure the safe and complete delivery of our customers’ goods during the packaging and delivery process.

Handling process